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30 June 2016

Field of Dishonor (Honor Harrington #4)

Field of Dishonor by David Weber is the fourth book in his Honor Harrington series - a space captain from the star system of Manticore.

After a large battle with Haven, Honor's ship is limping home. Her armada suffered heavy losses but Haven was stopped from their almost continual expansion.

Meanwhile, back on Manitcore, the Royal Manticoran Navy Judge Advocate General is showing footage of the battle to a grand jury to try one Captain Pavel Young - Honor's nemesis whose ship fled during the battle.

When Honor returns home she will enter into a media frenzy - both for leading the battle and for the coming political fallout for trying a peer of the realm.

While Honor had nothing to do with the cowardice of Young, he will not let that stop him from exacting revenge.

Weber's Honor Harrington series is my favorite military scifi / space opera. It has all of the battles, politics, and science plus a kick ass woman at the center. If you are a fan of science fiction don't miss this series.

Weber, David. (1994). Field of Dishonor. New York: Baen.

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