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28 December 2015


Zeroboxer by Fonda Lee is a novel about a whole other level of mixed martial arts fighting - fights in a glass cube in zero gravity.

Carr Luka has been training most of his life to be a professional zeroboxer. Now he is one of the youngest ever to fight for ZGFA (Zero Gravity Fight Association) on Valtego - the floating city-station on the dark side of the moon.

When Carr wins a couple of key fights ZGFA decides to make him the face of zeroboxing - always more popular with Martians than Terrans. They assign Carr a brandhelm to oversee his public image. His brandhelm is Risha Ponn - a genetically engineered Martian colonist.

With Risha's help, Carr becomes more and more popular, becoming a hero on Earth, the planet that has fallen into the background of the more advanced settlements in space. But when Carr finds out a shocking secret all will be at risk - his career and his heart.

Lee has created a gripping novel that will thrill fans of sports and science fiction alike. Her world building and characters are completely drawn and will keep readers engaged until the last punch.

Lee, Fonda. (2015). Zeroboxer. Woodbury, MN: Flux.

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