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29 December 2015

Frozen Tides (Falling Kingdoms #4)

Frozen Tides by Morgan Rhodes is the fourth book in her Falling Kingdoms fantasy series.

The land of Mythica, divided into three kingdoms has been united under King Gaius Damora of Limeros. And now that Gaius controls all of Mythica, he is setting sail for the Empire of Kraeshia to seek an alliance with the Emperor.

His son, Prince Magnus and his new wife, the conquered Princess Cleo of Auranos, are working toward an uneasy truce - both in their marriage and in their rule. They agree that as much as they annoy each other, the real enemy is King Gaius.

Rebel leader Jonas Agallon and his few remaining rebels are on the run, with their faces plastered on wanted posters throughout the land.

The real test of who holds power will not be decided in politics, it will be who finds and controls the Kindred - four stones containing elemental magic. In the race for power, and in some cases justice, Rhodes is continuing to write a fascinating series. Each book looks deeper into the land of Mythica and its people and readers will devour this book and wait impatiently for the next.

Rhodes, Morgan. (2015). Frozen Tides. New York: Razor Bill.

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