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22 April 2015

Changers: Oryon (Changers #2)

Changers: Book Two: Oryon by T. Cooper and Allison Glock-Cooper is the second book in their Changers series about a race of humans who spend their four years of high school as different people - a race that is meant to ensure empathy continues to exist.

The main character of the series is Ethan. He was Ethan from birth until the first day of high school when he awoke as a blond girl named Drew. Now sophomore year is beginning and she will wake up as Oryon, an African-American boy.

The Changers society has a lot of rules that the teens must follow both in order to remain secret and to protect themselves and others. One rule that Oryon has a problem with - new versions of selves are not allow to have a romantic relationship with anyone they dated as someone else. But Drew, now Oryon, is the same person inside and is still in love with Audrey.

Cooper has created a fascinating series that illustrates how people are treated in our society based on appearance. The series looks at gender, race and who people are on the inside. Set in a typical American high school, readers will see how Oryon is treated by the same people who knew Drew in the last school year. Great concept for a teen series - a must read for everyone.

Cooper, T. and Allison Glock-Cooper. (2015). Oryon. New York: Black Sheep.

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