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07 May 2014

Changers: Drew (Changers #1)

Changers book one: Drew by T. Cooper and Allison Glock-Cooper is the first book in a series that looks at gender roles in an interesting way.

It is almost time for Ethan Miller to start high school. He has just moved from New York to a small town in Tennessee. The reason his parent moved him will become clear on his first morning of high school.

Ethan is a Changer. Changers are an ancient human race that change into a different person four times during the ages of fourteen and eighteen. Doctrine states that Changers are the "last hope of the human race on the whole to reverse the moral devolution that has over come it." Living as four different people teaches them empathy.

But Ethan knows none of this until he wakes up for school and is a girl. After some understandable confusion, she is off to school as Drew. Changers are encouraged to participate fully and Drew tries her best to fit in with her new self - while remaining the same person on the inside.

Changers is an interesting look at our genders and the perceived roles that go along with them - nowhere more well illustrated than high school. T Cooper and Allison Glock-Cooper have created a series that will allow readers to look at gender differently and possibly evolve along with the main character.

Cooper, T. and Allison Glock-Cooper. (2014). Drew. New York: Black Sheep.

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