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15 August 2014

Another 365 Days (365 #2)

Another 365 Days by K.E. Payne is the sequel to 365 Days - a book in diary format about a high school girl in England.

Clementine Atkins continues her schooling while dealing with her first real relationship. She and her girlfriend Hannah have been going out for a while. She lost her best friend over it - Alice admitted that she wanted to date Clem and couldn't watch her with Hannah. Now, with the new year, things will be mixed up.

When Hannah starts to spend too much time with someone else, Clem gets jealous and they fight. This is the year they take the tests that will help determine their futures - either more high school or off to college. And someone Clem had a major crush on has finally figured out the Clem exists - what rotten timing.

Payne has created an accessible character with who readers will identify. The book it full of humor, trying times, and the angst of being a teen in a world where you are different. Great lesbian YA novels.

Payne, K.E. (2013). Another 365 Days. New York: Bold Strokes Books.

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