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25 April 2014

Honor's Knight (Paradox #2)

Honor's Knight by Rachel Bach is the second book in her Paradox series of science fiction about a female mercenary.

Devi Morris is working as security on the spaceship Glorious Fool. But she is missing memories. She knows she was in a fight but she cannot remember with whom or why she would remove the helmet of her armor - which she know she did from the bruise and the memory loss. Luckily, she has retained all of her fighting skills.

Her first order of duty is to hire a new mercenary to replace the one who was killed in battle. Then she will hopefully get her memories back. Oh, she is also seeing little space bugs that seems to exist in a different dimension. She has not mentioned this to the ship doctor or captain.

Even with her memories gone, Devi is sure that the captain is more than he appears. The is no other explanation for how much trouble he seems to find. And she better remember quickly because there are some out there who see her as a threat and she will need all of the information to survive their attention.

Bach has created a genre blend of science fiction with a great lead character. If you are not a usual science fiction reader, this is a good series with which to begin.

Bach, Rachel. (2014). Honor's Knight. New York: Orbit.

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