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08 April 2014

Fortune's Pawn (Paradox #1)

Fortune's Pawn by Rachel Bach is the first book in her Paradox science fiction series.

Devi Morris is a soldier. She served her mandatory two years in the Paradoxian army in the Royal Armored Guard. Then she went on the the prestigious Blackbirds. She has reached the highest rank a mercenary can achieve before being moved to a desk. So he just quit. Devi's goal is to become on of the Sacred King's Devastators. But you cannot join or apply to the Devastators. You must be recruited.

A friend steers Devi toward the ship Glorious Fool owned by Captain Caldswell. It is a merchant ship that seems to find all of the trouble in the 'verse. Past security on the ship has become Devastators. So Devi applies and becomes one of two mercenaries responsible for ship safety, joining an eclectic crew of humans and other creates of the known universe.

Bach has created a believable world with colorful creatures that reminds some readers of Firefly with more aliens. A simple transport ship that seems held together with duct tape, a cook who has strange fighting abilities, a giant bird for a navigator, a lizard for a doctor, and a main character who could rival Ripley from Alien. This is a great sci-fi series. I am waiting impatiently for the second book from the library.

Bach, Rachel. (2013). Fortune's Pawn. New York: Orbit.

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