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01 July 2013

The Traitor (Grafton and Carmellini #2)

The Traitor by Stephen Coonts is the second book in his Grafton and Carmellini series featuring a CIA breaking and entering specialist and a retired Navy admiral.

Carmellini has been given a new assignment by his new boss, retired Navy Admiral Jake Grafton. He is to go to Paris undercover and help ensure the safety of the President at the G8 summit in two weeks. But Carmellini's job is not security, it is to spy on the head of the DGSE - France's intelligence service.

Somehow Henri Rodet, the head of the DGSE and the person responsible for the safety of all of the world leaders coming to France for the summit, helped stop a terrorist attack. But the only way he would have had access to the information would be to have a mole in the upper ranks of Al Queda.

Carmellini is lovable and capable, if sometimes he leaps before thinking. He is a great character who is guided both by instinct and Jake Grafton, who always has more information that he is willing to share. This is a fun, action-packed series.

Coonts, Stephen. (2006). The Traitor. New York: St. Martin's Paperbacks.

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