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20 July 2013

Cold Steel (Spiritwalker #3)

Cold Steel by Kate Elliott is the final book in her Spiritwalker trilogy.

Cat Barahal is a daughter of two worlds. She grew up in the regular world thinking she knew who her parent were, but later found out that her biological father was of the spirit world. This dual identity allows her blood to open gates between ours and the spirit world. And this duality has placed her at the middle of both a war for control in Europa and made her a slave to her sire - the master of the Wild Hunt, who collect the souls of the soon to be dead each Hallows Night.

With war breaking out in Europa between General Camjiata and the radicals versus the mage houses and princes who are the top of the current class-based system, Cat must rescue her husband Andevai from the spirit world and then get to Europa to help her cousin Bee fight with the radicals for self-governance.

In this exciting conclusion to a great fantasy trilogy, Elliott brings enough closure to the series to placate readers while leaving them wanting more. Her characters are flawed and wonderful, her world is exceptionally well crafted, and her plot is filled with espionage and intrigue. As a cross-genre recommendation, fans of the Jacky Faber series by L.A. Meyer will recognize many of the traits that make Jacky so lovable in Cat Barahal.

Elliott, Kate. (2013). Cold Steel. New York: Orbit.

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