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03 June 2013

Liars and Thieves (Grafton and Carmellini #1)

Liars and Thieves by Stephen Coonts is the first book in his Grafton and Carmellini series. Tommy Carmellini is a CIA thief - he breaks into places to pant bugs or steal information. On his days off, he hangs out with his best friend Willie the Wire - a convicted thief and joint owner of their locksmith business. Jake Grafton is a retired Navy Admiral (from Coonts' previous series).

Part of the rotation of CIA agents includes guard duty. And this week is Tommy Carmellini's turn. But when he arrives at a remote safe house in the mountains of West Virginia the two guards are dead. As he makes his way to the house he sees military-trained soldiers and hears shots from inside. Though he does not know who is in the house, he does what he can to help them escape.

After Carmellini rescues a translator from the house, she steals his car and escapes. Though he still doesn't know what is going on, he knows he wants his car back. Using a few friends to track her down, Tommy finds out that the attack on the safe house is being blamed on him. Now he must work off the grid to solve a crime that may lead to some of the top politicians in Washington. The only person he knows who can help him is retired Admiral Jack Grafton.

Coonts has created a character that fans of Jack Reacher will love. He is a basically honest guy who makes his own rules and does what it takes to help the innocent.

Coonts, Stephen. (2004). Liars and Thieves. New York: St. Martin's Press.

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