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04 May 2013

Cold Fire (Spiritwalker #2)

Cold Fire by Kate Elliott is the second book in her Spiritwalker trilogy.

Catherine Barahal has been married to a cold mage of the Four Moons House. She has been taken from the only family she has ever known. Now she is on the run from that same mage house. Along the way, Cat found out that she can enter the spirit world.

Now Cat, her cousin Bee, and her half-brother are fleeing toward the rebels to find shelter from all of the groups that are after them for one reason or another. 

What follows is an adventure through both the spirit world and a world where a warlord is trying to conquer Europa and and island in the Antilles about to begin a civil war. Elliott's series is well crafted and her characters are great. Cat might remind readers a bit of Jacky from L.A. Meyer's series - a strong female character who refuses to follow the role proscribed for her by current dogma.

Elliott, Kate. (2011). Cold Fire. NY: Orbit.

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