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08 April 2013

Rise (Eve #3)

Rise by Anna Carey is the final book in her Eve trilogy - about a post apocalyptic United States called the New America run by a king and his army from the City of Sand (Las Vegas).

Eve grew up in a school ever since her mother died from the plague. She was taught that when she graduated she would learn a trade and be sent to the capital city to help in the recovery of America. She could choose her career and she would have a great apartment and a job. But in reality everyone who graduates from the school goes across the water, not to further her education, but to become an incubator for the upper class families in the city who can no longer have children due surviving the plague. However, Eve is the exception. Her father is the king. And he wants her in the city to marry and give him an heir.

Now Eve feels she has little left to lose. She is willing to do almost anything to see her father overthrown and the rebels put in place - with an elected government like in the old United States. But can she go through with the order from the rebel leader to kill her father?

The Eve trilogy is a great dystopian series. It has all of the fascination and horror of one possible future - with the appeal of the Handmaid's Tale or When She Woke or The Road, but with more hope of a potentially better outcome for the masses because the is more than one person fighting the system. 

Carey, Anna. (2013). Rise. New York: Harper.

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