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14 January 2013

The Rogue's Princess (Lacey Chronicles #3)

The Rogue's Princess by Eve Edwards is the third book in her Lacey Chronicles about a family of brothers in 1500s England.

Kit Turner is a half-brother to the Earl of Dorset, the illegitimate son of the previous Earl. Though he grew up without his wealth father's family, he now has a new relationship with his brothers. To support himself, Kit has been a stage actor since the age of twelve.

While in attendance at the home of wealthy patron of the theater, Kit meets Mercy Hart. Mercy would never dream of going to the theater - such base entertainment must lead to sin. But Kit convinces her that she cannot decide unless she sees a play. As the daughter of a wealthy cloth merchant, and devout Puritan, Mercy spends her days trying to do what God would want - according to her father's strict interpretation. But Kit's challenge leads her to believe that there may be some theater worth investigating.

What Mercy does not know is that Kit will be on the stage when she sees a play. Though they are already enamored of each other, Kit and Mercy are of different classes and even Kit's ties to the Earl may not be enough to bridge the gap...

The Lacey Chronicles is a fun series of historical romance. The characters are charming and readers will want to follow them through many stories.

Edwards, Eve. (2013). The Rogue's Princess. New York: Delcaourte Press.

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