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18 January 2013

Taking a Shot (Play by Play #3)

Taking a Shot by Jaci Burton is the third book in her Play by Play series about gorgeous sports stars.

Jenna Riley hates sports. She is surround by them - she has a brother who plays professional football and another who plays professional baseball, and her family owns a popular sports bar that she now manages. She can quote stats for any local team but only because she absorbs it at work and needs to be able to talk about sports with her customers. So in her time off, she wants nothing to do with sports. She will not date anyone who plays sports or obsesses over them on television.

The problem is that she cannot get Tyler Anderson out of her head. She met him through her sister-in-law who is a sports agent but she will not date him because of her rule. Maybe the only way to get him out of her head is to invite him into her bed. Then he will not be some mysterious attraction and she can move on with her life.

Ty knows about Jenna's rule but once he decides something he does not give up. And he has decided that he wants to get to know Jenna better. He is not sure why since she is the opposite of the women he usually dates - she has short spiky hair with blue tips, a row of ear piercings, and wears boots that could squash him - but he cannot stop thinking about her.

Burton has delivered another fun read in this series filled with talented men and the amazing women with whom they fall in love. Great read if you find yourself on a tropical breach anytime soon.

Burton, Jaci. (2012). Taking the Shot. New York: Heat.

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