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28 July 2012

Triple Cross

Triple Cross by Mark T. Sullivan is a thriller that combines a beautiful mountain setting, some of the wealthiest people on Earth, a terrorist group and the economy and will keep readers on the edge of their seats with every page.

Mickey Hennessy, a former US Special Agent, is now the head of security for the Jefferson Club - the most exclusive club on the planet. Members pay millions of dollars for a lifetime membership and get the luxury and security that goes with the price tag. The Jefferson Club land in Montana offers Olympic quality skiing and Michelin quality dining along with the company of others of the upper echelon.

Hennessy has his work cut out for him on a normal day due to the people who are club members, but this New Years Eve gathering has more of the world's elite than any other event so far at the Jefferson Club. Luckily, the Club has the best security technology money can buy - including a laser fence at the edges of the property that can distinguish between moose, horse and human trespassers.

In spite of the security measures, just before midnight a military force dressed in snow camouflage and wearing masks bursts into the lodge and takes everyone hostage. Since Hennessy was outside during the breach, he sees what is going on before they spot him. If he can get to the road and get help the people inside might have a chance - including Hennessy's fourteen-year-old triples Hailey, Connor, and Bridger.

Sullivan is a master of the thriller and Triple Cross is no exception. Weaving a complex plot with military action, heroic characters, and more, Sullivan has written a great read.

Sullivan, Mark T. (2009). Triple Cross. New York: St. Martin's Paperbacks.

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