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25 July 2012

A Perfect Storm (Edge of Honor #4)

A Perfect Storm by Lori Foster is the fourth book in her Edge of Honor series about a group of mercenaries who life goal is to stop human trafficking.

Dare McIntire, Trace Rivers and Jackson Savor work together to try and stop the flow of human kidnap victims from their part of the country. Each of them has a reason be so focused on the topic. And Arizona Storm, who was rescued by Savor, wants to help but knows the guys would not let her. So she doesn't tell them.

Arizona repeatedly puts herself in danger to stop the bad guys - but is she a match for the ring of kidnappers she is now baiting? She may need help on this one and she knows one guy who might help her without treating her like a kid.

Spencer Lark is a bounty hunter. He met Arizona when he was tracking a human trafficker who skipped bail. They had a bit of a clash as they could not both get the bad guy - but although Spencer hates that Arizona puts herself in danger, he would do anything to protect her - including letting her be the bait.

Foster's Edge of Honor series is great romantic suspense with an eye opening amount of information on the real human trafficking that is taking place in the United States. At times the information can be overwhelming and detract from the story - but only momentarily because her characters are compelling and likable and her plots are steamy.

Foster, Lori. (2012). A Perfect Storm. New York: HQN.

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