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10 July 2012

Chasing the Night (Catherine Ling #1)

Chasing the Night by Iris Johansen is the eleventh book in her Eve Duncan series and the first book introducing Catherine Ling.

Eve Duncan is a sculptor who recreates faces from skulls. Catherine Ling has bribed her CIA boss into talking Eve into helping her find her son. Though Catherine is looking for an age progression which is not Eve's specialty, Catherine knows that Eve will understand her need to keep looking.

Plus, Catherine knows who has her son. Ten years ago Catherine was part of a small CIA team tasked with removing a Russian mafia don. In retaliation, Rakovac kidnapped Catherine's two-year-old son. He has been taunting her with treats since. The CIA has a relationship with Rakovac, as the lesser evil, and will not move against him. Plus he has promised to kill Luke if he even thinks Catherine is coming after him.

Now, if she can arm herself with Luke's current likeness, provided by Eve Duncan, Catherine is going after her son. And after years of being in the way, the CIA might be willing to help because Rakovac has something planned that will make 9/11 seem tame.

Johansen, Iris. (2010). Chasing the Night. New York: St. Martin's Press.

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