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22 May 2012

The Calling (Darkness Rising #2)

The Calling by Kelley Armstrong is the second book in her Darkness Rising series.

Maya and her friends live in the town of Salmon Creek on Vancouver Island. The town is owned and operated by the St.Cloud corporation, a company that does pharmaceutical research. But it is beginning to look like they do more than that - Maya a some of her friend have started to notice strange thing happening to them. Could it be that they part of a St. Cloud experiment?

Maya has always been good with animals. She helps her father, the forest ranger, heal injured animals and they seem to heal more quickly with her attention. And she has always had a connection to cougars - possible part of her Native American heritage. Now, Maya and her friends are getting closer to guessing what it going on, thanks to a reporter who came to town, a forest fire breaks out and they must be evacuated.

This second book begins with Maya, Daniel, Sam, Hayley, Nicole, Corey and Maya's dog Kenjii in a helicopter leaving the island. When it seems like they are flying in the wrong direction to get to the mainland, there is a struggle with the pilot and the helicopter crashes. Now Maya and friends must find their way back to Salmon Creek - but they are being tracked by the men who started the fire, who are determined to capture them.

Using her skills in the forest and the growing suspicion that she is a skin-walker who can turn into a cougar, Maya must lead her friend through peril to the hopeful safety of their parents. Of course there is the possibility that some of their volunteered for the experiment...

Armstrong's Darkness Rising series is a fast-paced, supernatural read that will keep readers checking stores for the next book as soon as they finish this one.

Armstrong, Kelley. (2012). The Calling. New York: Harper.

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