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29 March 2012

The Sea Wolves (Jack London #2)

The Sea Wolves is the second book in The Secret Journeys of Jack London by Christopher Golden and Tim Lebbon, illustrated by Greg Ruth. These authors have taken the already fascinating life of Jack London and added a supernatural element, telling stories that read like London's own books.

When Jack had had enough of the Yukon and the Gold Rush, he boarded the same ship, the Umatilla, that took him to Alaska to make his way back to San Francisco. When the ship is attacked by pirates seeking gold, Jack realizes that the pirates are killing people in their beds. Jack yells and challenges one of the pirates to alert other passengers to the danger.

Unfortunately for Jack, after a short fight, he is thrown overboard and ends up on the pirate ship. While the other prisoners from the Umatilla are locked in the hold, Jack has caught the captain's attention as the only passenger to fight back. Though Jack is unsure if he will be kept alive long, he is told the ship needs a cook.

Jack's uneasy time is made worse when he and the only woman on board, Sabine, are locked into a cabin one night. The cabin is the only secure place on the ship during a full moon - because the crew of pirates are all werewolves.

Golden and Lebbon have created an historical supernatural adventure surrounding one of America's heroes - using legend and lore woven in with the facts of London's life. Readers who like the supernatural but are looking for a story with more depth than some of the latest vampire books, look no further.

Golden, Christopher and Tim Lebbon. (2012). The Sea Wolves. New York: Harper.

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