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27 March 2012

The Difference Between You and Me

The Difference Between You and Me by Madeleine George is a story of choosing your battles.

Jesse is the head (and only member) of NOLAW - the National Organization to Liberate all Weirdos. She is an outcast at school. She tries to remain unnoticed as she goes through the school day. Then on Tuesday afternoon, she meets the most popular girl in school in the public library to kiss.

Emily is the student council vice president. She is on her way to a great college and an important career. She is dating the star athlete of the school. And on Tuesdays she meets Jesse at the library.

Emily and Jesse do not have anything in common other than gender and their attraction for each other. This does not get in the way of their time together because they don't really talk. If they did, their ideas about the world would clash.

George has written what feels like a light novel but touches on many of the important topics of today's society - from equality for all people regardless of sexual orientation to the roll multinational companies take advantage of incentives and loopholes in the law. Jesse is a great character who avoids many of the pitfalls of queer characters in fiction - she knows who she is and is not afraid to be herself. The Difference Between You and Me will appeal to fans of Libba Bray due to the writing style.

George, Madeleine. (2012). The Difference Between You and Me. New York: Viking.

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