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12 March 2012

The Novice (Black Magician #2)

The Novice is the second book in Trudi Canavan's Black Magician trilogy.

Book two begins with the intake ceremony for summer novices where Sonea and others will take the first pledge to follow the guild, and continues through the first year of school. Sonea has learned to trust her guardian Rothen and his friend Dannyl but is still leery of many of the guild members. Some of her teachers and many of her classmates are not sure what to make of the slum girl in their school.One of her classmates will try to turn the other novices against Sonea to prove she does not belong. They will go against Guild law and harass her with magic to test her strength.

Sonea, Rothen and Administrator Lorlen know that the High Lord is practicing black magic. When Lord Dannyl is appointed Ambassador to Elyne, the country next door, the ask him to see if he can follow the research the High Lord studied when he was in Elyne. Dannyl thinks he is doing this because the High Lord lost his research before he returned to the Guild and has no idea that his questions may get him into trouble.

Canavan has written a fantasy series that readers will love. This series would be a great read alike for fans of Harry Potter who are looking for a new fantasy series to read or a great introduction to the genre of fantasy for new explorers.

Canavan, Trudi. (2002). The Novice. New York: EOS.

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