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08 November 2011

Real Men Will (Donovan Brothers Brewery #3)

Real Men Will by Victoria Dahl is the final book in her Donovan Brothers Brewery. The series started in the anthology The Guy Next Door.

The characters featured in the first short story finish their narrative in this novel. Eric Donovan, the oldest of the three Donovan siblings, has been the head of the brewery since the age of 24 when his parents died.

Beth Cantrell is the manager of an adult store. She loves what she does but is starting to feel like people don't see anything past her job title.

Beth and Eric met at a local business expo. They shared one night together. Six months later, Beth is on a date at the brewery when she runs into Eric.

Dahl is a brilliant romance writer. Her stories are full of great characters with whom readers instantly identify. Her plots are interesting and fun. And her dialog is occasionally laugh-out-loud funny. Read one of her books today!

Dahl, Victoria. (2011). Real Men Will. New York: HQN.

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