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14 November 2011

Ganymede (Clockwork Century #4)

Ganymede by Cherie Priest is the fourth book that takes place in her alternate history, steampunk, zombi Civil War era called the Clockwork Century.

Andan Cly is an air pirate. He has made his living by transporting blight gas from Seattle to other places in the US where it is distilled into a drug. But lately he has been thinking of going legit - maybe even setting up an air dock in Seattle.

When he receives a telegram from an old friend he sees his chance to earn the money he needs to settle down. He has been invited to New Orleans to move a ship into the Gulf. It seems like an easy job for the money.

But the Ganymede is not an easy ship to move. In fact, it has killed many crews who have tried. It is basically the first submarine. Josephine Early thinks that Andan will have a better job of it because he is a pilot and those who tried in the past have been sailors.

Also - though the project will be funded by the North once Josephine proves the Ganymede worth it - it is being sought by the Republic of Texas (who control New Orleans) and the South. And the number of Texas soldiers has recently doubled since two officers disappeared.

Priest's vision of the world for this steampunk series is creative and true. She takes history and add machines that were plausible for the time period creating a great fantasy setting for her great characters. Fans will see characters from all of her previous books in this volume.

Priest, Cherie. (2011). Ganymede. New York: TOR.

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