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09 September 2011

Talk Me Down (Tumble Creek #1)

Talk Me Down by Victoria Dahl is about a woman with a secret.

Molly Jenkins had been living in Denver when she inherited a house in the mountain town she grew up in. So after ten years of not even visiting, she is moving home.

It is really good timing as her ex-boyfriend has basically become a stalker. He has even befriended any new guy she goes on a date with to try to control her life.

Some space will be good. She can work - though no one (not her parents or brother or friends) knows what she does for money. She is a bestselling erotic fiction writer under a pseudonym. And the source of her original story still lives in town - he is now the police chief.

Dahl has written a great romance with a thriller twist. She is a great choice for a quick read at the beach or when you are stuck at home in the rain or snow.

Dahl, Victoria. (2009). Talk Me Down. New York: Harlequin.

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