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10 September 2011

Captain Hannah Pritchard (Hannah Pritchard #3)

Captain Hannah Pritchard: The Hunt for Pirate Gold by Bonnie Pryor is the third book in her Hannah Pritchard historical fiction series.

After running away and joining a crew to fight the British - and to avenge her family - and after being captured and imprison by the British then escaping - Hannah and her friends are back at sea.

Hannah, disguised as Jack, is the cook on a ship commissioned to fight for the new United States. If they can lose the bad ship following them they will go after the treasure they buried in the last book. But they will still have to dodge pirates and British Navy ships.

Pryor has written a trilogy that will bring early American history to life for young readers.

Pryor, Bonnie. (2011). Captain Hannah Pritchard. Berkeley Heights, NJ: Enslow Publishers.

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