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24 September 2011

The Hostage (Stratton #1)

The Hostage by Duncan Falconer is his first book featuring Stratton - a British SBS (like our Navy SEALs) undercover officer who is stationed in Northern Ireland fighting the IRA.

When an undercover operation goes wrong and an SBS agent is captured, SBS pulls out all of the stops to get him back. Stratton, who has never lost an agent on his watch, will do whatever he can to recover the agent before he can be transported across the border.

The battles in Northern Ireland between the British and various configurations of the Irish Republican Army have been ongoing since the 1800s. But now, the IRA may have a mole in British Intelligence who is helping plan their next moves.

At the same time, US Navy SEAL Hank Monroe has been assigned to SBS for a cross-training / good relations tour of duty. His wife is not happy about moving the family to England. She has been taught by her family in Boston to hate the British because of their occupation of Ireland.

When Monroe joins Stratton on a job that goes wrong it could lead to an international incident. Between the many players and sides trying to recover Monroe it could be all out war.

Falconer has created an engaging political/military thriller that will keep readers fascinated. There are currently seven book in the Stratton series. They will appeal to fans of Jack Higgins' Sean Dillon series or anyone interested in the Ireland-England situation.

Falconer, Duncan. (2003). The Hostage. New York: Time Warner Paperbacks.

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