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21 June 2010

Instinct (Chess Team #2)

Instinct is the second book in the Chess Team series by Jeremy Robinson - featuring an elite Delta team that uses chess pieces for call signs.

Someone has weaponized a strain of the Brugada syndrome - usually a genetic disease - that can kill without warning by stopping the heart. When the President of the US is struck by the disease - and brought back to life by the secret service men who were with him at the time - research begins to see how he was infected.

Now the Chess team is off to the Annamite Mountains in Vietnam. There mission is to guard Dr. Sara Fogg, a CDC disease detective, so that she can find antibodies in some local survivor and a vaccine can be created. In order to keep the team alive - or rather to bring them back if they die - each member is fitted with a cardiac defibrillator implant.

When they get to the jungle it is not so easy to find the village and collect blood samples. The Vietnamese Death Volunteers, land mines from the Vietnam-US war, and an ancient evil will prevent them from succeeding on their mission.

Robinson's Chess Team books are so fast-paced and attention-grabbing that readers may which to consume a huge meal before beginning one of his books - as they will not want to stop reading until the last page is finished. Fans of authors James Rollins, Matthew Reilly, Jeff Long, and Linclon Child will love this book.

Robinson, Jeremy. (2010). Instinct. New York: St. Martin's Press.

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