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07 January 2009

A Storm of Swords (A Song of Fire and Ice #3)

A Storm of Swords is the third book in George RR Martin's Song of Fire and Ice series.

The war for a new king continues in Westeros. One of the five possible kings has died, but the battle goes on for the remaining challengers. The land is divided and the smallfolk suffer each time an army passes through.

Robb Stark rules the north but will not be left to rule in peace. While away from home fighting for the kingdom his home of Winterfell will face an attack.

Queen Daenerys is still across the sea amassing power to take with her back to Westeros.

Jon Snow and the black brothers of the Night Watch fight an attack from beyond the wall, with none of the kings answering their pleas for more men to fight off the wildings.

There is little else that can be said without including spoilers... Martin is a fantastic writer whose characters are realistically flawed and compelling even when revolting. This may be one of the best series of books ever written (but I will have to wait until all 7 books are published to be sure).

Martin, George RR. (2000). A Storm of Swords. New York: Bantam.

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