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08 January 2009

In the Dark (Navy SEAL #2)

In the Dark is Marliss Melton's second book in the Navy SEAL series.

Now that Lieutenant Renault has been recovered from North Korea and is on the mend, he faces a trial - he is being made the scapegoat for the missing weapons. SEAL Team 12 must find the evidence to clear his name.

The one person, Hannah Geary, who has proof has been kidnapped and hidden in a military compound in Cuba. Lt. Luther Lindstrom will have to rescue her and protect her until they can collect the proof. The CIA is helping to some degree but will not step in until its own case is closed - they are after the man who is really selling stolen US weapons.

Other then Luther, Hannah does not know who to trust. It seems the weapons dealer has hired a pair of assassins to take her out.

Melton, Marliss. (2005). In the Dark. New York: Warner Forever.

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