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10 November 2008

The Mark of the Assassin (Michael Osbourne #1)

Daniel Silva's Mark of the Assassin is the mark of a great author! It is the first book in the Michael Osbourne series.

Michael Osbourne has been a spy all of his career - of course, he prefers the term case officer. Now he is at a desk at CIA headquarters. But when an assassin he has been tracking for most of his career strikes again he cannot sit behind a desk and let him get away.

The assassin, a former KGB operative, is the best in the business. Before his current assignment he has never killed any innocent civilians. And technically he did not launch the missile that shot a Boeing 747 out of the sky off of the coast of NYC.

Now he has been rehired by the group behind the downing of the plane - hired to kill anyone who knows about the original plot.

Will multiple hits by the assassin be enough to lead Osbourne to the identity of the killer? Or will Osbourne get in the way and have to be taken out?

The sequel to The Mark of the Assassin is The Marching Season.

Silva, Daniel. (1998). The Mark of the Assassin. New York: Villard.

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