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22 November 2008

The Marching Season (Michael Osbourne #2)

The Marching Season is the second book in Daniel Silva's Michael Osbourne series.

Michael has retired from the CIA and is starting to become restless. He has no skills that transfer into other fields. So, when his father-in-law is appointed to be the US Ambassador to London, Michael agrees to take his old job back to help keep Ambassador Canon safe.

The reason he needs protection is a group calling itself the Ulster Freedom Brigade - a new group in Northern Ireland whose sole purpose is to stop the proposed peace accords. UFB sees the peace accords as the British, Americans and Catholics (IRA) selling them out once again. They will do anything to stop the talks.

At the same time as Michael is rejoining the CIA, an assassin is killing a known enemy of Israel. When Michael sees the video of the shooting, he is convinced that the man who tried to kill him and his wife is still alive - a man only know my his KGB codename October.

With his usual skill, Silva weaves a tale of terrorism and espionage into a book that readers will devour.

Silva, Daniel. (1999). The Marching Season. New York: Signet.

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