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17 November 2007

Letters from the Inside

Letters from the Inside by John Marsden is the story of Tracey and Mandy. Tracey puts an add in a magazine for a pen pal. Mandy answers it. Neither of them thought it would lead to finally having a friend to confide in.

Tracey says she put the ad in as a joke. Mandy doesn't even know why she would answer the ad. She doesn't want a pen pal. But soon they are sharing stories of their lives and families. Or are they?

Soon, things that Tracey says don't add up, they contradict what she wrote before, and no one knows her at the school she says she goes to...

Mandy will not give up. She has promised to harass Tracey with letters until she finds out the truth.

John Marsden is also the author of So Much To Tell You, a riveting story of a girl who doesn't talk (much in the style of the book Speak). He writes about difficult situations in an honest and compelling way that pulls the reader into his stories. He is yet another of Australia great young adult authors. There must be something in the water down there!

Marsden, John. (1991). Letters from the inside. New York: Laurel-Leaf Books.

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