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22 May 2007

The Tenth Power (Chanters of Tremaris #3)

The Tenth Power is the final book in the Chanters of Tremaris trilogy by Kate Constable. After being in the desert of Merithuros, Calwyn decides to go home to Antaris to recover. Trout and Mica join her. But things are not as she remembers them. The sisters have not rebuilt since Samis was there in the first book, The Singer of All Songs. There is a sickness that has settled over the community, one that only affects chanters. And this is the longest winter anyone remembers.

Darrow, Tonno and Halasaa have gone to Gellan to find out if the rumors of Samis being alive are true. The sickness that is in Antaris is also affecting the chanters of Gellan. They must find the information they seek and get out before Darrow, the only chanter among them, can be infected.

What is making the chanters of Tremaris ill? Is it that they have abused their powers? Will Calwyn be able to find an answer using the knowledge she gains in Antaris? Or will she and her friends be too late?

Constable, Kate. (2005). The Tenth Power. New York: Scholastic.

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