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12 March 2007

Meg: Primal Waters (Meg #3)

In Meg: Primal Waters, by Steve Alten, a prehistoric shark is discovered. This shark is somewhat different than the 350-plus species of shark that swim the earth today. This one weighs twenty tons and could eat a Tyrannosaurus.

During a Navy expedition to the Mariana Trench, one of the deepest spots in the Pacific, on a search for damaged scientific equipment, the tiny sub holding Paleontologist Jonas Taylor and his friend is attacked. Jonas survives the attack. Unfortunately, once he is recovered by the ship, no one will believe what he has seen.

The Carcharodon Megalodon has survived planetary changes by living seven miles below the ocean's surface. So deep in fact, that it survived the event that killed the dinosaurs. And now it may be released back into the shallow water. The same shallow water where people swim...

If you liked Jaws, you will like this even better.

Alten, Steve. (1998). Meg. New York:Bantam.

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