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05 May 2018

Freedom to Love

Freedom to Love by Ronica Black is a lesbian romance in the middle of a manhunt.

Brynn Williams is getting out of prison after five years. She took the fall to protect her sister and she is ready to be out and toeing the line.

Sargent Kat Vander is the officer who arrested Brynn. Brynn has no hard feelings. If they had not been doing something against the law, she would not have been arrested. Sgt Vander was just doing her job.

From the moment she gets out she is back in the family drama. Her sister Bea show up to get her in a stolen car, and high. On the drive back to their home town, their car is overtaken by an SUV that almost hits them. Next comes a police car.

As Brynn and Bea come around the next bend in the road, the SUV is shooting into the police car. They stop and try to help, though Bea does not think that cops deserve help. When the shooting stops, Brynn races to the car. It looks like the driver is dead, but the passenger can be saved.

Brynn forces her sister to drive them to the hospital. The whole time Brynn is trying to keep Sargent Kat Vander alive. Unfortunately, they broke the law, so Brynn has no desire to stick around and answer questions. And because of her family's reputation and Sgt Vander being unconscious, the rest of the force is convinced that Brynn had something to do with the shooting.

Black has written a fast-paced, lesbian romance between two women from different backgrounds. This is a great vacation read.

Black, Ronica. (2017). Freedom to Love. New York: Bold Strokes Books.

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