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13 May 2018

Nantucket Rose

Nantucket Rose by CF Frizzell is a lesbian romance set on the beautiful island of Nantucket.

Maggie Jordan is about to open a bed and breakfast on Nantucket. She purchased an historical home in the village and has fixed it up. If all goes well she will open on time, have a great summer, and sell the B&B in the Fall. However, if the islanders get wind of the idea that she is there to flip the property her life will become very difficult. Nantucketters are very protective of their heritage and community.

Ellis Chilton's family has been on Nantucket since they were part of the whale oil business. She works for the Steamship Authority on the Ferry Eagle. She lives on the boat that was her grandfather's and then her father's. She grew up in an historic home in the center of the village that she lost due to a bad business investment.

Frizzell has written a great romance set in an idyllic location. This is a great beach read. Plus if you have not been to Nantucket, it is very worth the trip!

Frizzell, CF. (2017). Nantucket Rose. New York: Bold Stroke Books.

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