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14 December 2017

The Midnight Line (Jack Reacher 22)

The Midnight Line by Lee Child is his twenty-second book in the Jack Reacher series. Reacher is an ex-Army MP who spent so much time in other counties that he is spending his retirement wandering the United States. And finding mysteries to solve or wrongs to right.

During one of the rest stops of the bus Reacher is riding toward the west, he is stretching his legs and passes a pawn shop. In the window is West Point class ring. He has to go in because no one who earned one would ever willingly part with it.

After buying the ring and pressuring the pawn shop owner to find out where it came from, Reacher is off to track down the owner - a woman based on ring size. The only things he knows are her graduation year and the S.R.S.

Child keeps creating great stories for Jack Reacher. His sense of honor and time as an MP compel him to do what he think of as the right thing. Each of theses books is a great read.

Child, Lee. (2017). The Midnight Line. NY: Delacourte Press.

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