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26 December 2017

End Game (Will Robie #5)

End Game by David Baldacci is the fifth book in his Will Robie series. Robie is a CIA assassin and sniper who often teams up with his counterpart, Jessica Reel, one of the best snipers in the world.

After each Will and Jessica complete difficult missions separately, they are called to DC to investigate the disappearance of their boss. Each year he goes back to his hometown in Western Colorado. This year, he has vanished without a trace.

Robie and Reel will work with the local sheriff to sort through the unsavory characters who make their lives in super rural America. They will have many to choose from – cults, skinheads, and more.

Baldacci has written a great thriller, mystery. Though Robie and Reel are not investigators, they are the write team for the job – and their sniper skills will come in handy before they find their boss.

Baldacci, David. (2017). End Game. New York: Grand Central Publishing.

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