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17 May 2016

The Regional Office is Under Attack!

The Regional Office is Under Attack! by Manuel Gonzales is a story of female superheroes who regularly save the world from forces of darkness - until some of them decide to attack the very office that safeguards the world.

Sarah is the right hand of the person who runs the Regional Office - located a mile underground in midtown Manhattan. She was tracked by Mr. Niles until she was old enough to recruit. She doesn't know why Mr. Niles took her under his wing and seems to be grooming her to take over.

Mr. Niles started the Regional Office with Oyemi. She found the oracles who tell them what is going to happen. Henry picks up the recruits who help save the world. It is a strangely effective set up.

Rose was recruited by Henry - but not to work at the Regional Office. Rose was recruited to help attack the Office. Someone wants to bring the whole system down.

Told from the perspectives of Rose and Sarah, the attack on the Regional Office, is carried out with flashbacks to how each of the arrived there - plus interspersed papers from an academic study of the office. While there are superheroes and oracles, this book is a literary novel. It does not read like a Marvel comic. Gonzales beautifully writes about the characters in the style of someone like Gabriel Garcia Marquez or Ann-Marie MacDonald. 

Gonzales, Manuel. (2016). The Regional Office is Under Attack! New York: Riverhead Books.

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