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19 April 2016

The Honor of the Queen (Honor Harrington #2)

The Honor of the Queen by David Weber is the second book in his Honor Harrington series - Honor is a spaceship captain in the Manitcore Navy far in the future - after humans spread through the stars.

Generations ago a group of people left Old Earth in search of a planet free of the slavery of technology. They left to go back to an older way of life - a way based on the Bible. After founding a planet, a schism formed among the people  - between those who wanted strict adherence to the word of God in all thing and the more moderate.

Now there are neighboring worlds filled by the progeny of the followers of Austin Grayson. The planets Grayon and Masada. And the worlds are located in space between the two superpowers in the galaxy - two superpowers who are edging toward war. Each side - Manticore and Haven - sees the benefit of becoming allies with (and possibly constructing forward bases on) Masada or Grayson.

Captain Honor Harrington is in charge of a fleet of Manticore ships headed toward Grayson on a diplomatic mission. While she is a fine captain and tactician, she is an odd choice. For the Graysons do not believe women to have the capacity to be in any role other than wife. Women have no rights on Grayson and are protected by their husbands. Their delegates will be in for a shock. (And Grayson is the more liberal of the two planets.)

Meanwhile, the People's Republic of Haven has moved a couple of high tech war ships into orbit to aid Masada in their plot to take Grayson  - following God wishes.

Weber has created a fascinating military science fiction series with a great character at the head. Honor Harrington is the best we can hope to evolve into as a species. The politics and religion makes for interesting reading, partly due to current trends in our own society. Reader's will want Honor in charge if they ever have to face a threat in the galaxy.

Weber, David. (1993). The Honor of the Queen. New York: Baen.

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