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10 April 2016

Not Otherwise Specified

Not Otherwise Specified by Hannah Moskowitz is the story of Etta's life from when her friends disowned her to when she figured out who she wanted to be as a person.

Etta is having trouble with her friends. She is a part of a group of lesbians at an all girls school in small town Nebraska. But she is not lesbian. She is bi. She told her friends, but when she dates a guy, they shun her.

Without her support network Etta focuses on the other parts of her life. She attends a eating disorder group after school where she befriends one of the other members - the shy, younger Bianca.

Bianca and her brother are part of a group of local kids who are auditioning for a prestigious performing arts high school in New York city. Though Etta has applied every year, she has not gotten an interview. But this year is different. There will be regional tryouts in dance, voice and theater before they ever look at the application.

Etta and Bianca, along with Bianca's brother and best friend, grow closer. Etta starts to look at the decisions she has made in her life and see that maybe some of them were maybe the right decisions but made for the wrong reasons.

Moskowitz has created a talented, likable character who doesn't fit into her school or town, but learns that it is more important what she (and maybe a close friend or two) thinks than people she would not like to hang out with anyway. Etta grown into herself - the person she is on the inside.

Moskowitz, Hannah. (2015). Not Otherwise Specified. New York: Simon Pulse.

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