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01 March 2016

Symptoms of Being Human

Symptoms of Being a Human by Jeff Garvin is a book about a high school student who does not fit neatly into a box.

Riley Cavanaugh is changing schools. And Riley thinks life will be better in public school. Riley doesn't fit the stereotype of how a person should act or dress - Riley is gender fluid - sometimes feeling like a girl and sometimes like a boy. But classmates tend to react poorly if you change your look once they have labeled you, so Riley tends to dress androgynously - somewhere in the middle.

To make matters worse, Riley's father is running for reelection to Congress.

Garvin has written a great book where readers are never sure of Riley's sex. And why should it matter? Follow Riley through a school year - gaining two good friends and a handful of enemies.

Symptoms of Being Human is a great and important read.

Garvin, Jeff. (2016). Symptoms of Being Human. New York: Balzer & Bray.

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