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07 March 2016

Honeyed Words (Sarah Beauhall #2)

Honeyed Words by JA Pitts is the second book in his series featuring Sarah Beauhall - a smith who repaired an ancient sword, restoring it magic and gaining the attention of the creatures around Seattle.

As Sarah settles into her new view of the world - one that includes dragons, dwarves, gods, witches and Valkyries - and recovers from battle wounds, she feels responsible for the other people who got hurt. Sarah is doing what she can for her boss's business while her boss, Julie, recovers.

The smiths around Seattle are taking up the slack and working with Sarah, who is still an apprentice, to keep Julie's clients happy. One of the smiths who is willing to help out lives way out of town in the mountains.

Anezka is a strange woman. She seems to be a great smith, but her house has a strange feeling. There is almost a force field around it. And she has a demon living with her.

Pitts has created a world within our own - filled with creatures from Norse mythology, witches, dragons, and more. Sarah Beauhall is a flawed character who is doing her best after discovering the hidden truth around her. Like many fantasy trilogies, the second book is about growing and/or recovering but overall I love this series.

Pitts, J.A. (2011). Honeyed Words. New York: Tor.

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