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23 December 2014

Gathering Darkness (Falling Kingdoms #3)

Gathering Darkness by Morgan Rhodes is the third book in her Falling Kingdoms fantasy series.

Mytica has been united through war. Now the king's goal is to find four ancient / mythical stones that contain magic that used to be free in the land. Anyone who controls even one of the Kindred will have access to almost limitless power. But the king is not the only one looking for the stones.

Princess Cleo, married to the conquering king's son Magnus also seek the stones to reclaim her throne. Magnus also wants the stones to overthrow his father. And his sister, Lucia, the most powerful sorceress born in one thousand years seeks the stones to restore the land that has been dying since the magic was trapped long ago.

For reasons of love, greed and vengeance the land of Mythica people are racing against each other to claim a magic that until recently was thought to exist only in bedtime stories - but if they are real, the one who controls them will rule the land.

Rhodes has created a great fantasy series filled with compelling characters. This series is worth reading.

Rhodes, Morgan. (2014). Gathering Darkness. New York: Razor Bill.

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