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30 December 2014


Blindsided by Karis Walsh is romance between a television news host and a trainer of guide dogs.

Cara Bradley is the host of the television show Around the Sound which highlights people around Puget Sound who do good for other people or the environment. Cara loves her job, but her family thinks she needs to climb up the ladder to a more prestigious position as a news host. Cara just likes meeting people who care about others and not just their own fame.

Lenae McIntyre has just opened her own center to train guide dogs for the blind. She left a life in television news writing to do some good in the world and give others the freedom a guide dog provides. She has matched a few people with dogs and her center is starting with her first batch of puppies.

Cara and her crew show up at the McIntyre Training Center to interview Lenae. After a rocky start to their meeting, Cara and Lenae reluctantly agree to work together to promote the training center. As they learn to trust each other, they realize there is an attraction they cannot ignore.

Walsh has written a sweet romance with two great characters - plus puppies!

Walsh, Karis (2014). Blindsided. New York: Bold Strokes Books.

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