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04 November 2014


Timeless by Rachel Spangler is the story of Stevie Geller going back to her hometown to accept an award that will change her life.

Stevie Geller is a successful novelist and playwright. She lives in New York and has since she left high school and headed to NYU. She hasn't looked back in ten years.

When her manager tells her that she is getting an award from an arts committee in the town where she grew up, Darlington, Illinois, she tells him she is not going to the ceremony. Stevie likes to write from the comfort of her loft and does not feel the need to mingle with her readers. If there is a cause she feels strongly about, she writes a check. She is an author not a gay-rights activist. After some arguing, Stevie agrees to go to Darlington, but only for 34 hours.

At dinner with her hosts, and her manager, Stevie sees her high school English and theater teacher, Jody, the woman who made Stevie admit to herself that she is lesbian. And who still takes her breath away.

Then at the award assembly, in front of the entire student body, Stevie's anxiety about public speaking and being noticed kicks in. She has no idea what has happened, but when she wakes up it appears to be 2002 again. And she has to go to school - with all of the knowledge of a 28 year-old. Stevie must confront a few things in her life before she will be sent back to the present day - but first she has to figure out what they are - while trying to ignore her strong feelings for her teacher.

Spangler has written a enjoyable book that allows her character to change the course of her life. The story is sweet and the premise horrifying - then again, having the knowledge and maturity of a twenty-eight year old could make high school less painful, right?

Spangler, Rachel. (2014). Timeless. New York: Bold Strokes.

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