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13 November 2014

Secret Lies

Secret Lies by Amy Dunne is the story of a new friendship that changes the lives of both young women.

Jenny O'Connor is popular. She and her three best friends are known for their rude comments toward other students. But the truth is that she is never the one saying rude things and she doesn't really like two of her three friends. She doesn't feel like she can be herself around them.

Nicola Jackson does not really have any friends. Her life consists of high school and trying to avoid her mother's boyfriend. Since she was twelve, he has been beating her and threatening to kill her.

After a particularly rough morning Nicola is fleeing her home when she literally runs into Jenny. She knows who Jenny is but doesn't believe that Jenny knows who she is - but Jenny has noticed her before. Jenny offers to take Nicola home and clean up her hand that was hurt when they crashed to the ground.

Nicola is suspicious, but Jenny seems to genuinely want to help. After spending the day together, Jenny convinces Nic to spend the night - and when she accidentally walks in on Nic changing into her pajamas and sees the scars on her back, she makes up a lie to convince her parents to allow Nic to move in for a while.

Dunne has written a steamy teen romance novel with an underlying story of overcoming abuse. Both of her characters have secrets that they have never felt comfortable talking about and together they begin to heal. This is a great YA lesbian novel.

Dunne, Amy. (2013). Secret Lies. New York: Bold Strokes Books.

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