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26 May 2014

The Red Wolf Conspiracy (Chathrand Voyage #1)

The Red Wolf Conspiracy by Robert V.S. Redick is the first book in his Chathrand Voyage series.

In a world divided between two powers, Arqual and Mzithrin, peace is being cemented by a marriage between nations. Tasha Isiq is to be married to a Mzithrin prince and will be traveling on the giant sailing ship Chathrand, the last of her kind. The Chathrand is an historic ship that will have one of many outcomes based on the different factions on the ship and their ideas about peace with Mzrithin.

Tasha Isiq has been away at school. It is a school with little comfort. The young women who graduate are usually married off to someone who will advance their family's status. Tasha has had enough of it. She is about to quit when she is told that her father is sending for her. She will not be amused to find out it is because she is to be wed to someone she has never met - whose language she doesn't even speak.

Pazel Pathkendle is an Ormaeli - one of the islands conquered in the last war. He is now a tarboy on a ship - practically an indentured servant. While his life is hard and there is much prejudice toward his people, he is looking forward to getting to see the legendary ship Chathrand. Through a series of obviously planned events, Pazel is left by his current ship and will end up working on the Chathrand.

Redick has created a fantasy series set in a complete world. His characters include many races and even species. If this first installment is any indication, this is going to be an epic fantasy series.

Redick, Robert. (2008). The Red Wolf Conspiracy. New York: DelRey.

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