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28 March 2014


Torn by Amber Lehman is a novel of one girl's move from a private Catholic high school in the Midwest to a public school in southern California and how that move changes her.

Krista McKinley is moving to live with her older brother. Her goal is to make at least one friend at her new school. And right away she meets Carrie in her dance class. Carrie is apparently dating Brandon, at least they are all over each other near the lockers. Quite a change from an all-girls Catholic school.

But Brandon is not dating Carrie. They are great friends, but Brandon is gay. At first this is a shock to Krista, but as she spends time with them she really grows to like Brandon and Carrie and their friend Ryan. Through out the school year the four friends will become close and experience many things together.

Lehman has written a young adult novel that explores the fluidity of sexuality. While a couple of the characters label themselves early in the book, only one sticks to that label for the duration of the story. It is an interesting book that will engage readers but fails to make a statement about GLBTQ issues.

Lehman, Amber. (2010). Torn. New York: Closet Case Books.

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